Marking Methodology

As our development pushes deep into the marking and administration modules we’ve had some discussion about standardising the naming of the different marking methods that the e-Assignment system supports. This is also a common question people ask when first finding out about the system, so here’s a run-down of the different methodologies. If you’d like e-Assignment to support a different method or would like more explanation please leave a comment.

  1. Single Marking –  Simple, one marker submits one marking report per student or student group.
  2. Averaged (Blind) Marking – More than one marker (not limited to just 2 markers) submits one report per student or student group. When all reports have been submitted for a particular student or group the average mark is calculated (all marks added and divided by number of markers) and feedback comments/files are merged into a single report. This methodology can also be used for peer assessment (to be discussed in a later posting).
  3. Agreed (semi-blind) Marking- Two markers submit reports as per Averaged marking i.e. blind. Once these two reports are submitted the two markers agree to meet (or discuss on the phone) to create a single marking report (under one markers login) using elements from each others reports (or indeed coming up with new marks/comments based on their discussion).
  4. Approved Marking – One marker submits a report as per Single Marking above. Once submitted a second marker must review and approve (or return to the first marker for revision) the report.

We have some flow charts for the above and I’ll put them on the web site soon.